Friday, May 2, 2008

What He Does

When I speak the name of Jesus,I have such a sweet feeling of love come over me,just thinking of how wonderful it is to serve a All Mighty God that I'd never turn from,but that I'd keep running after. Its the most beautiful name ever mentioned,he's exalted and I'll keep exalting him forever. There's no other name I know to call on in time of need,when I feel lost in this world of hate,anger,danger,and so many other things. How can you not love such an almighty God like him? How can you live in sin for all that he has done for you? He gave his life,He had nails in his hands and feet,he wore a crown of throns,he was spat upon,mocked and whipped over and over again. You can never give up,He'll pick you up and brush you off when you fall,he'll stand by you and hold you when your scared,he'll walk with you in the shadows,he'll run with you,he'll give you second tries. Worship him with all your heart because of this,he loves to hear the sound of praise,its music to his hear,give him everything you have,let tears flow,let the words of praise come from you heart,let him take control and change you forever. He's worthy,he's merciful,kind,he deserves so much more than we can give to him.

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