Friday, May 2, 2008

Keep Going

Tonight as my uncle was preaching he was talking about a lady who wanted to be the 1st woman to swim across the English Channel,well the day finally came that she decided to try it,as she swam a fog fell and she couldn't see where she was going so she went a little farther and eventually gave up and her mom along side of her in a boat picked her up as soon as she did,the sun broke through and the lady saw that she was only a few yards away from the shore.Sometimes in life we keep going and eventaully we get tired and want to give up because we can't see whats ahead of us because a fog has clouded our path. You cant let the things of the world block your view,keep going no matter what gets in your way,don't let the fog cloud your vision because when the sun comes out from the fog you'll see just how close you are and want to keep going.

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