Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love Him

I love God with all my heart because he cares. I love him because he gave me life. I love him because he loves me. I love him because he was hit me in my strom. I love him! I love him because he is so worthy. I can't express my love in just words I want to show him more and more how much I love him. I want to express my love in ways only I could show him. He is so amazing and has been SO good to me. He is my one true love and nothing matters more to me than Him. He came into my life and healed my heart when it was broken, and I'm holding his hand and will never ever let go again. Don't stop loving him.

Mmm...random? just read =)

I can't believe I have been in Europe for almost 6 months now....its crazy. Why does there have to be this thing called water? Why can't anything just happen in a snap of a finger? Because Its God's will and his way. Because he meant for this world to be like this, and if there was no water, there would be no fish, if there was no fish there'd be no food for the other animals in the water, and if there wasn't any other animals in the water well there just wouldn't be right. Things can't happen in a snap of a finger because it just doesn't work that way, because theres this thing called time, and time has been around for trillions of years and if we took time away then we would be in trouble. Time makes things happen, time is important in our daily lives, we must have a time for God. God made time. God is the Creator and we are to obey him for we are his servants. God makes everything happen, without him there is no "us" nor is there anything else. Things happen for a reason no matter what it is, and it will always be happening. "Random without a settled point of direction, aim, or purpose" is what everyone else is, but we the people of God are not one bit random, for we are aiming for the most high cause and we have a purpose of doing what we do.

He's Here

Many times in my life especially in these past months I have felt alone. I have realzied through these months the one person thats really holding me together is God. He's by my side no matter what is gonna on and no matter how much my heart hurts, he's here. If I'm thinking about a person its Him even if I may be excited about making my trips and such, I'm always thinking about him. He's my King, my savior, my Lord and always on my mind. The best thing is he's thinking about me too. And when I leave my parents he will be my strength, he will guide me, he will be my friend to talk to when I need someone to talk to. He will hold me tight in the storms that I face. He's here, forever and always. Call on that name and he'll come