Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is it my imagination

Blub blub blub I can't write!!
I've had writers block since June.. no fair. But now since I have a topic I'm gonna write.. please just follow me, I have a point.

So many times we try and see farther into our future but God doesn't want us to.. He just wants us to sit back, relax and let him take control for a bit. We like to argue about dumb things and think we know everything when really we don't. The problem is we are so impatient we can't wait to see what God has for us.. we rush into everything and don't take a second to pause. We sometimes ask God for too much.. which is why some people get laryngitis, God just wants you to STOP!
He has to put his hand over our eyes, ears, and mouths... we need to have a block.

Ok yeah that wasn't exactly a point but I tried

1 comment:

Melinda said...

No! It was a point that I both appreciated and needed today. :) Love u!